Possible Causes

Diagnostic Aides

P1383 - Variable Cam   

Timing Over - retarded   

( Bank 1)

The comprehensive      

component monitor      

( CCM) monitors the VCT

position for over      

- retarded camshaft     

timing. The test fails

when the camshaft      

timing exceeds a       

maximum calibrated     

value or remains in an

retarded position.     

·         Cam timing improperly set      

·         Continuous oil flow to the VCT piston chamber             

·         VCT solenoid valve  stuck open          

·         Camshaft advance    mechanism binding   (VCT unit)          

 DTC P1383 is a check   

 of the VCT unit.       

 Testing should not     

 include electrical     

 checks. Engine will    

 idle rough, hard       

 starting and may       

 stall. Diagnostics and

 repair for the VCT     

 unit are located in    

 the Workshop Manual.