BULLITT VIN Information

1 Is country of origin (US)
F Manufacturer (Ford)
A Vehicle type (passenger car)
F Restraint system (seat belts with air bags)
P Is make (Ford)
42 Line/series/body type (GT)
X Is engine (4.6 liter single overhead cam)
9th digit Is the check digit, must be a number 0-9, or the letter X
10th digit Is production year 1 = 2001. y= 2000
F Denoting the Dearborn Assembly Plant
Last 6 digits Are the sequential build #'s

NOTE:Inside the drivers door on the door jam a sticker with some information on it.

The Bullitt must have a trim code of KW. K is the Bullitt specific part which refers to the seat design/type, while the W stands for Dark Charcoal.

If it doesn't say KW for the trim code, then it is NOT a Bullitt!

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