Engine RPM Vehicle Speed Limiter

The powertrain control module (PCM) will disable some or all of the fuel injectors whenever an engine rpm or vehicle overspeed condition is detected. The purpose of the engine rpm or vehicle speed limiter is to prevent damage to the powertrain. The vehicle will exhibit a rough running engine condition, and the PCM will store a Continuous Memory DTC P1270. Once the driver reduces the excessive speed, the engine will return to the normal operating mode. No repair is required. However, the technician should clear the PCM and inform the customer of the reason for the DTC.

Excessive wheel slippage may be caused by sand, gravel, rain, mud, snow, ice, etc. or excessive and sudden increase in rpm while in NEUTRAL or while driving.

What is the Tech to do when he finds a DTC P1270 code?


Check for:

  • Water, ice, mud and snow causing wheel slippage
  • Excessive engine rpm in NEUTRAL
  • Vehicle driven at high rate of speed

Was the vehicle operating in any of the above conditions?

OBD II system is OK. RETURN vehicle to customer with information about DTC P1270.

GO to Symptom Charts if there are other driveability concerns.
If there are no other symptoms, RETURN vehicle to customer.

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