Safety and Security

Mustang safety systems to help protect the occupants or to help the driver avoid an accident.

Vehicle Control

All-speed Traction Control

The available All-Speed Traction Control uses components of the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) to monitor wheel slippage at any speed. The system improves traction on slippery or loose driving surfaces by using a combination of brake and/or engine control:

  • Braking at one or both drive wheels
  • Fuel injection cutoff
  • Ignition spark retard
  • Air/fuel ratio control

When the traction control system is activated at speeds of 34 mph or higher, the braking system is deactivated and only engine control is used to limit wheel spin.

Traction control helps provide a confident driving experience under adverse road conditions - improving vehicle traction and steering control - without sacrificing dry-pavement performance. Something you'll appreciate in any driving situation:

  • When the lane is slippery on one or both sides
  • As the vehicle pulls out from icy parking lots or highway shoulders
  • During acceleration when cornering

The system is tuned specifically for the Mustang driver, adjusting control when cornering or accelerating to provide traction when you need it.

Traction Control may be switched off when more performance-oriented driving is desired. The system defaults to ON when the engine is started. The Traction Control switch is easily accessible in the shifter bezel in front of the gearshift lever. When Traction Control is operating, you will see the light in the instrument cluster.

Engineering Insights

Unique to Mustang, the Power Start feature allows optimum wheel spin from a standing start on dry pavement. The Traction Control system is designed to recognize when the driver is accelerating hard, it then goes into a performance programming mode. As long as the vehicle accelerates forward, the Power Start feature stays engaged.

Traction Control may not significantly improve traction when both drive wheels are on a slippery surface. However, it optimizes the use of available traction to give the driver greater steering control. By controlling excess wheel slip, the system allows the vehicle to make full use of whatever traction is available to the tires.

Traction Control's brake intervention works best on road surfaces that may be wet or slippery at the shoulder and dry in the center. The system brakes the drive wheel that shows the greater tendency to slip, slowing it down to a predetermined slip rate.

Traction Control helps provide a stable driving experience under adverse road conditions.


Four-wheel Disc Brakes

All Mustang models have standard Four-wheel Disc Brakes, which are more resistant to fade than systems with rear drum brakes. A large brake booster helps provide low-effort stopping power. Aluminum twin-piston front brake calipers provide better pedal feel.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

When computer-controlled sensors indicate wheel lockup during hard braking, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) electronically "pumps" the brakes several times per second. As a result, this system helps drivers to maintain steering control in emergency or other hard braking situations such as when avoiding a stalled car or a car backing into the roadway - especially when road conditions are slippery.

Second Generation Driver and Right Front Passenger Airbag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)

The standard Second Generation Driver and Right Front Passenger Airbag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) supplement the three-point lap/shoulder safety belts for front-seat occupants. Airbags help protect front-seat occupants in certain moderate-to-severe frontal or near-frontal collisions. Occupants should always wear safety belts, even in vehicles equipped with airbags, and place children in the rear seat, properly restrained. A rear-facing child-safety seat should never be placed in front of an airbag.


Crumple Zones

Mustang is designed with crumple zones in the front and rear of the vehicle. The sheet metal is designed to progressively fold, or crumple, in the event of a front or rear impact. This helps absorb and divert the energy of the crash before it gets to the passenger compartment.


Halogen Headlamps

Mustang has standard complex-reflector Halogen Headlamps with integrated park/turn lamps, which emit a bright, white beam for excellent visibility at night or in inclement weather conditions. They have a stylish, aerodynamic appearance that enhances the looks of Mustang.

Fog Lamps

Mustang GT models have standard Fog Lamps to help improve visibility in certain inclement weather conditions. They also add sporty styling cues to the Mustang exterior. The fog lamps can be turned on when the low-beam headlamps are on.


Remote Keyless/Illuminated Entry System

For added convenience and security, Mustang is available with a Remote Keyless/Illuminated Entry System. The two remote key fob transmitters can be used to lock and unlock the doors and unlock the trunk from up to 10 metres away. When the UNLOCK button is pressed, interior lights illuminate for added peace of mind when entering the vehicle at night.

Anti-Theft System

SecuriLock™ Passive Anti-theft System

The SecuriLock™ Passive Anti-theft System uses an electronically coded ignition key with billions of possible codes to start the vehicle. If the key doesn't have the correct code, the vehicle will not start. SecuriLock™ is automatically armed when the ignition is turned off and is disarmed when the correct key is inserted into the ignition and the ignition is turned ON. When the ignition is OFF, a theft indicator light, located in the instrument cluster, will flash briefly every 2 seconds to indicate that a security system is in use. When the ignition is turned to ON or START, the theft indicator will light for 3 seconds and then go out. If the light stays on for a long time or flashes rapidly, bring the vehicle to the dealership for service.

Engineering Insights

The SecuriLock™ passive anti-theft system provides an advanced level of vehicle theft protection. The vehicle's engine can only be started with a special SecuriLock™ electronically coded ignition key provided with the vehicle. The key is sent a different code every time it is inserted into the ignition. Each time the vehicle is started, the SecuriLock™ key is read by the system within the vehicle. If the key's encrypted code response matches the anti-theft system code stored in the vehicle, the engine will start. If the key's identification code does not match the code stored in the system or if a SecuriLock™ key is not detected (as in a vehicle theft situation), the vehicle will not start.

The SecuriLock™ system still works when there are multiple sets of keys or multiple drivers sharing the vehicle. Remember that each SecuriLock™ key is programmed to the vehicle. When Driver 1 starts the vehicle in the morning, the system sends the key a part of the code it needs to "know." Then the key responds with the full code, which allows the vehicle to start. In the evening when Driver 2 starts the vehicle, the system sends part of the new code to this different key. The key returns the proper response because it is programmed to the vehicle, and the vehicle starts.

Safety Belts

Child's Safety Seat Tether Anchors

Child's Safety Seat Tether Anchors enable parents to more securely install front-facing child's safety seats. This also helps to reduce the risk of head injury for the child by holding the top of the child-safety seat more securely in place. The tether anchor points are located just above and behind the rear seatbacks in Mustang Coupe models and on the seatback for Convertible models.

Belt-Minder™ System

After the engine is started, the Belt-Minder™ System waits until the existing belt reminder stops sounding. If the driver is still unbelted, the Belt-Minder™ chimes and flashes the safety belt warning light. It flashes and chimes for 6 seconds, pauses for 30 seconds, then repeats. The cycle continues for 5 minutes or until the driver fastens the safety belt. While annoying to some, this sends a strong message - safety belts are the most important occupant-protection system in the vehicle - buckle up.


Emergency Decklid Release Handle

The Emergency Decklid Release Handle provides a means of escape in case anyone becomes accidentally locked in the trunk. The T-shaped handle glows in the dark for up to eight hours after receiving only minimal exposure to sunlight.

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