Some odds and ends part numbers

Item   Part# Notes
Rear Mud Flaps   XR3Z-16A550-BA KIT-SHI 362114
Locking gas cap   XU5Z-9030-HA CAP ASY 423541
Serpentine Belt   JK6-947-A  
Caliper touchup paint Cardinal Red ALBZ-19500-1001ANew PM-19500-1001A
DHG touchup paint PY or PX ALBZ-19500-6920A  
Front Mud Guards Right 1R3Z6310158AAN  
Front Mud Guards Left 1R3Z6310159AAN  
Pony CorralBlack1R3Z8A226AAA  
Grill Delete KitRadiator Cover2R32-8C299-AAA 
Grill Delete KitGrill #3R32-178814-AAA 
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler 3R3Z 17626-AAA 
BULLITTTrunk Lettering1R3Z6342528AA 
Shock Tower Covers F4ZZ-18A179-A 
Brake Pad Caps  1R3Z-2L472-AA 
Ashtray F8CZ-5404788-BAB 
Antenna  F3SZ-18813-A 
Bullitt Side Scoop Right1R3Z-63279D36-AAN 
Bullitt Side Scoop Left1R3Z-63279D37-AAN 
Cobra Wiper ArmRH 2R3Z-17526-AA Need to find correct Blades to fit
Cobra Wiper ArmLH 2R3Z-17527-AA WW-2020 may not fit?
Looks like WW-2525 may be the right ones
Goodyear Gatorback Beltmetric part number is 6PK2400 4060945 6 ribds 94.5 inches long

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