Frequently Asked Questions

How many 2001 Bullitts did they make?
5582 made but the numbers go up 5601.
This includes 3 non-sellable prototypes
The McQueen family received four Bullitts, but they were given special Stickers that read "McQueen 1, McQueen 2, McQueen 3, and McQueen 4". Chad took McQueen 1 while 2&3 went to other family members and McQueen 4 was supposed to be auctioned off.
The McQueen family Bullitts did count against the 5,582 final production number but they were NOT the very first Bullitt's made though. They were made during regular production.

How many did they make of each color?
True Blue 723, Black 1818, DHG 3041

What options were available?
The only option was the Mach 460 stereo

What was the break down of the Bullitts with the Mach 460 stereo and without?
True Blue w/ Mach 460: 669
True Blue w/out Mach 460: 54
Black w/ Mach 460: 1708
Black w/out Mach 460: 110
Dark Highland Green w/ Mach 460: 2873
Dark Highland Green w/out Mach 460: 168

When were they produced
1st official non-sellable vehicle produced:
Wednesday 1/24/2001
1st official sellable vehicle produced:
Wednesday 3/21/2001
First official Job#1 unit produced:
Tuesday 4/10/2001
Last Bullitt produced:
Wednesday 8/29/2001

How does the Bullitt Colors compare to other Colors for the 2001 year?
Black (UA) 15.7% (24,360)
True Blue (L2) 9.9% (15,361)
Drk Highland Green (PY) 1.7% (exclusive to Bullitt)

How come my head lights look spotted?
Early head lights made before June, used super glue and the drying super glue would eventually leave spots.

What was the first color produced?
True Blue.

What was the last color produced?

How come the manual calls for ATF for the transmission? Is this a typo?
This is correct the transmission uses Synthetic ATF.

Where is the vacuum brake booster?
It is gone because the power steering pump runs the pressure for the brakes.

I hear a knock when stating the car up in cold weather
This has become known as the death rattle. Even though no one is sure if actually does any harm to the engine. A lot of owners notice a slight knock almost like pinging when the engine is cold and around 3000 rpms. Ford will reprogram the chip that moves the problem up to a little higher rpm. Basically just let it warm up.

My transmission seems to hesitate when shifting into 2nd when cold!
Known issue.

Are they going to make any more DHG Mustangs?
NO is what they told us in 2001 but now we know better. ALTHOUGH if you check your window sticker the 2001 Bullitt is listed as the model. 2008 and 2009 Bullitts are premium Mustangs with a Bullitt Package!

I wanted to buy Brake pads but they don't list any for the Bullitt?
Get the ones for a 2001 Cobra

What should the torque on the wheel lug nuts be?
95 foot lbs max. Note: some mechanics recommend 5% less than max.

Only my front calipers have the running horses on them, what about the back?
Nope only on the front calipers.

What is the Horsepower?
At first Ford projected 275, then they said 265 and then the last few weeks that WWW.Ford.com had the BULLITT listed on their web site they had it listed at 275 hp.
At the time, had I realized the information would be removed, I would have made screen caps of the information.
Most Dyno tests support the 275 hp rating

Do we have an anti-knock sensor?
No, timing is set to 10 BTDC + - 2 degrees.

Hey where are the plug wires?
No plug wires, instead each plug has its own coil. Called COP, Coil On Plug.

I can hear a noise when the clutch is out and in neutral, if I push it in it gets quiet.

Does the Bullitt come with a certificate like the Cobra?
Not yet but I hear Ford is working on it.

There is no glove box light, where is it?
This is correct, no 2001 Mustangs have them.

There is no light on the visor mirror?
Not for you unless you live in Canada.

Who made the mufflers?
They were made by Arvin.

Is this alternator bigger than the Mustang GT?
Yes, it is the 130 amp alternator from the Cobra.

One of my buddies said that the Bullitt has under drive pullies on it and another said no.
They are both right, the stock Bullitt has underdrive accessories but the crank pulley is the same.

My glove box says 30 PSI and 32 for Cobra, which do I go by?
32 psi is correct.

I read they actually poked holes in the mufflers to help get the sound they wanted.
Well there are holes punched in the back of each muffler, however because of where they are at, I doubt if it adds anything to the sound, most likely they are there to allow water to drain when it condenses inside the muffler.

Are the Bullitts different that went to Canada?
Yes, their vanity mirrors have lights, engine block heaters and daylight running lamps. (Northern Bullitts also came with block heaters)

My oil pressure does not move off the center line.
This is normal, the gauge is made to show around 50% deflection whenever oil is 6 psi or more.

What is the Thread size for the shifter knob?
It is Metric M12 x 1.75

How much does the Bullitt weigh?
Shipping weight is 3158 lbs. with 11 gallons of fuel

What do I use to touch up the paint on the calipers?
FORD PART NUMBER ALBZ-19500-1001A Cardinal Red.

I have seen a couple different part numbers for the DHG touch up paint, which is correct?
The Part number ALBZ-19500-6920A and it will have a letter code of either PY or PX, they are the same DHG color.

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