What makes a Bullitt a Bullitt


What NEW PART NUMBER ITEMS were used on the 2001 Bullitt?


Wheelbase (in.)101.3
Overall Length (in.)183.2
Overall Height (in.)52.35
Overall Width (in.)73.1
Tread Width (Front/Rear)60.2/60.6
Curb Weight (lbs.)3,273
Front/Rear Seating 
Seating Capacity4
Head Room (in.)38.1/35.5
Shoulder Room (in.)53.6/52.1
Hip Room (in.)52.8/47.4
Leg Room (maximum)42.6/29.9
Luggage Capacity (cu. ft.)10.9
Passenger Volume (cu. ft.)83.0
Total Interior Volume (cu. ft.)93.9
Liftover Height (inches)28.3
Fuel Tank Capacity (gal.)15.7
Engine LayoutFront Engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine Type4.6L SOHC V-8
Displacement (l, cu. in.)4.6L, 281
Horsepower @ rpm265 @ 5000 Ford has updated to 275
Torque lb. Ft. @ rpm305 @ 4000
Compression Ratio9.4:1
Bore and Stroke3.6 x 3.6
Fuel SystemSequential multi-port electronic fuel injection
Fuel Requirement87 octane (minimum)
Fuel Economy (city/hwy mpg)17/25 (5-speed manual)
Exhaust SystemRetuned, stainless steel with catalytic converters
Type5-speed manual (std.)
Final Drive Ratio3.27:1
Gear Ratios1st - 3.37;
2nd - 1.99;
3rd - 1.33;
4th - 1.00;
5th - 0.67;
Rev. - 3.22
Chassis Construction 
TypeUnitized body
Front Suspension 
TypeIndependent, modified MacPherson strut with separate spring on lower arm and stabilizer bar
Springs Helical coil, rubber-insulated
Shock AbsorbersIntegral with strut, gas-pressurized, hydraulic
Diameter28mm Tubular
Rear Suspension 
TypeFour-bar link with coil springs on lower arm (upper, loading; lower, arm) unique horizontal axle damper and stabilizer bar
SpringsHelical coil, rubber-insulated; progressive-rate
Shock AbsorbersUnique axle damper, gas-pressurized, hydraulic vertical shock absorbers and foam sleeve with horizontal axle dampers
Stabilizer Bar Diameter21mm Tubular
TypePower-assisted rack-and-pinion
Overall Ratio15.0:1 on center
Turning Diameter,
Curb-to-Curb (ft.)
Coefficient of Drag (Cd)0.36


Front Suspension  
Springs 600 lb/in. linear
(lowers car 3/4")
450 lb/in. linear
Struts35 mm piston,
custom valved struts
32 mm piston
Stabilizer Bar 28mm tubular26.5mm solid
Rear Suspension  
Springs 250 lb/in. linear (lowers car 3/4")210 lb/in. linear
Shocks30 mm piston, custom valved shocks30 mm piston
Stabilizer Bar21 mm tubular23 mm solid
Dual piston aluminum,
custom painted
Dual piston aluminum
Rotors330 mm vented 276 mm vented
Single pistonSingle piston
Rotors296 mm vented 267 mm solid
Misc.Subframe connectorsN/A

Engine and transmission modifications

  • The new cast aluminum intake manifold has an increased runner diameter to maintain low-end torque and provide a broader power curve for increased top-end performance.
  • A twin 57mm-bore throttle body replaces the GT 65 mm throttle body, allowing for quicker throttle response and increased peak flow.
  • To reduce parasitic losses, the alternator pulley was increased to 66 mm and the water pump pulley was increased to 140 mm.
  • The exhaust system has been retuned to increase flow approximately 20% and give the Bullitt a new distinct sound.
  • All Mustang Bullitts will have the new tr3650 transmission and clutch assembly that provides improved shift quality. A new 11-inch flywheel and clutch assembly have been added to increase torque capacity and reduce clutch pedal efforts.


  • Pony on grill is centered in a blacked out coral instead of chrome.
  • Does not come with a spoiler.
  • Brushed aluminum gas filler door.
  • Molded front mud guards.
  • Different Rocker Panels
  • Lowered by 3/4"
  • Red Brake calipers.
  • Fake rear brake venting is only extruding and does not have the honeycomb plastic grill.
  • Bullitt Badge on Trunk lid.
  • Rolled exhaust tips.
  • Molded c-pillars sweep forward instead of straight down.


  • Brushed aluminum looking shifter bezel.
  • Brushed aluminum shifter knob.
  • Door sills with BULLITT logo.
  • Retro dash has white lighting and closely indexed speedometer.
  • Seats are stitched to emulate the style from the 60's.
  • New stainless steel pedal covers are positioned to provide better heel-to-toe relationship.

What NEW PART NUMBER ITEMS were used on the 2001 Bullitt?

52 New
1 Resurrected
8 Usage Change

They Break out as follows:


  1. Side Scoop-LH
  2. Side Scoop-RH
  3. Rocker Panel-LH
  4. Rocker Panel-RH
  5. C-Pillar-LH
  6. C-Pillar-RH
  7. 1/4 Glass-LH
  8. 1/4 Glass-RH
  9. Front Fascia (GT fascia shipped in w/ no fog lamps and blacked-out pony corral)
  10. Bullitt Decklid Badge
  11. Fog Lamp delete cap for electrical connector
  12. Stainless Accel pedal
  13. Stainless Brake Pedal
  14. Stainless Clutch Pedal
  15. Stainless Dead Pedal
  16. Muffler and Tailpipe Assy-LH
  17. Muffler and Tailpipe Assy-RH
  18. Instrument Cluster-US version
  19. Instrument Cluster-Metric version
  20. Bullitt Holographic Serialization Label
  21. C-Pillar to 1/4 Glass seal
  22. Scuff Plate-LH
  23. Scuff Plate-RH
  24. Shift Boot Trim Ring
  25. Shift Ball
  26. Lock Rod w/ Brushed Aluminum knob-LH
  27. Lock Rod w/ Brushed Aluminum knob-RH
  28. Fuel Line Jumper Line
  29. Fuel Door
  30. Fuel bucket fasteners
  31. Engine Assy
  32. Transmission Harness
  33. Upper Radiator Hose
  34. EEC Computer
  35. Seat Kit (Contains Front and Rear Seats)
  36. Front Caliper-LH
  37. Front Caliper-RH
  38. Rear Caliper-LH
  39. Rear Caliper-RH
  40. Front Strut
  41. Rear Shock
  42. Front Spring
  43. Rear Spring
  44. Rear Axle Caliper Brace-LH
  45. Rear Axle Caliper Brace-RH
  46. Rear Axle Assy
  47. Air Filter Assembly
  48. Vapor Mgt Hose
  49. Accel Cable
  50. Cruise control cable
  51. Fuel Door Plastic Bucket
  52. Heater Hose


  1. V6 Rear Sway Bar


  1. Cobra Front Stabilizer Bar
  2. Cobra Front Rotor
  3. Cobra Rear Rotor
  4. Cobra ABS/Traction Control
  5. Cobra Spare Tire
  6. Cobra Spare Wheel
  7. Cvt. Subframe Connector-LH
  8. Cvt. Subframe Connector-RH

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